12 Jun

Calgary’s GoodLife Fitness ™ City Chase ™

Last Saturday, we were very pleased to provide sound for the competitors in Calgary’s GoodLife Fitness ™ City Chase ™.

Set up at the Start / Finish line, music and motivation rang out from our speakers, inspiring the athletes in their tasks during Canada’s largest urban adventure race.

3rd. Place went to Jonathan and Travis.

2nd. Place went to Ryan and Jon

Congratulations to Team FURY, Nicki and John!

The GoodLife Fitness ™ City Chase ™. works with, and supports the GoodLife Kids Foundation! All funds they raise support physical activity programs for children with Autism by giving them access to programs that help them to be more active.

06 Jun

Alberta Association of Mobile Entertainers

Today, we are on our way to Edmonton to check out the meeting of our provincial association, AAME.

Networking and education is the prime focus of AAME. What we learn from other DJs and other event vendors is valuable for our clients. Also, the connections we make every month – lead to great strategic partnerships; allowing us to provide more to the brides and grooms we work with. More services AND a better price!

03 Jun

Exciting new things coming to our website!

Today, we are relaunching our website!

We are now a partner in Alberta Creative Entertainment. ACE offers DJ services, sound, light, video, Classic Video Dances, TV-Style Gameshows, event rentals & event planning – province wide!

There’s some great new features coming to this website soon. Bear with us through our re-construction.

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